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Sep 082012

On September 8, 2012, I will be at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka, CA, performing in an exhibition race in number “72″ with other street cars in a series called “Run-What-U-Brung” with my wife riding along in the passenger side. Speedway Location: Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds 1712 Fairlane Road Yreka, CA 96097 Gates open at 5PM with races starting at 7PM! Hunter Awareness – Wear Camo – Free Soda McDonald’s Mini-Stocks O’Reilly’s Modifieds Super Stock JSSTA Trucks Dwarfs Run What You Brung Prices: (full admission and gate fees) Adults: 8$ [Continue Reading]

Aug 192012

The Windows 8 Services Configurations have been updated to include Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro as well as Windows 8 Enterprise with Default and Safe configurations online. All Windows 8 Services Pages will be updated to include the latest dependency information in due time. All Services pages have been cleaned up a bit to clear out unneeded HTML as well as add in a tabbed feature. Stay Tuned.      

Jul 182012

Introduction On July 14, 2012, I took 1st place in the Run What You Brung Dirt Track Racing Event at Siskiyou Motor Speedway in Yreka, CA. It was a great night of racing and the track was perfect. It should be worth noting that this is the first trophy (not just with racing…) I have ever received. It probably should also be noted (or ignored) that I, once again, drove this car home after putting the plates back on. Let The Mud Fly It was not as slick out there as last [Continue Reading]

Jul 062012

Introduction Here are a few photos and the entire race on 1080p video from the Run What You Brung Memorial Dirt Track Racing Event for Brittney Pence on June 30, 2012 at Siskiyou Motor Speedway in Yreka, CA. It turned out to be a very wet night with rain for a good chunk of the evening with most regularly scheduled events canceled. However, the track was perfect for the class that I participate in: Run What You Brung! You will also witness water balloons being thrown at the cars (special for this [Continue Reading]

Jul 062012

Windows 8 Release Preview Service Configurations are now updated. This included the “Default” as well as “Safe” settings. Information in the table is likely to be adjusted with additional findings over the next several months. It will also be ran through after Windows 8 has been released. “Tweaked” and “Bare-bones” configurations are in the works, but it takes a bit more time to figure those settings out, so I will refrain from adding/updating those columns until after Windows 8 has been released. Information with “???” is being worked through and [Continue Reading]

Jul 062012

Just to give everyone a few words on what I am working on with regards to Windows 8 Services: It is in progress. I have a lot to update behind the scenes with regards to transferring information from the old wiki format to WordPress with tons of “extra code” and HTML left over. This also is a good time to update the general format to remove the links (table of contents) to the information and instead replace them with tabs for each OS. It makes it cleaner looking as well as more consistent experience. [Continue Reading]

Jun 282012

Siskiyou Motor Speedway 1712 Fairlane Rd, Yreka, CA 96097 Coming Up June 30, 2012: Beat The Heat – Water Balloons At Brittney Pence Memorial RWUB Race McDonald’s Mini-Stocks O’Reilly’s Modifieds Super Stock JSSTA Trucks Run What You Brung (Brittney Pence Memorial Race) I will be participating in the Run What You Brung Memorial Race for Brittney Pence on June 30, 2012. She is a young lady who loved racing her RWUB car over the past two years. She unexpectedly lost her life a couple of months ago at the young age of 24. [Continue Reading]

Jun 112012

At long last, I was able to take the car onto the track for a few laps! My wife rode shotgun and… was speechless besides some “whaoooo” a few times… but sure did talk a lot the next day about it. 🙂 I did get a bit of damage. The # “WD-40” spun out right in front of me and I tried to go around, but failed. Broke the headlight and bent up some metal, but not all is lost. The car was much easier to control then my previous attempt [Continue Reading]

May 012012

Siskiyou County Office of Education classrooms in Yreka, CA dedicated to those children with special education needs, were vandalized Sunday April 29, 2012, the second time in April. This hits a part of me directly as my wife was a teachers assistant for these children, in these particular classrooms in 2006-2007. My wife says “They were the best classrooms in Yreka” and now they are destroyed. Tens of thousands of dollars in damage to electronic equipment as well as flooding the bathrooms and many other hateful acts. Curriculum’s and other books [Continue Reading]

Apr 222012

Hover over the links for more back story. I remember when I purchased a book with instructions on how to get rich for $19.99 by simply writing a book and publishing it. I remember when phones had cords. I remember when more than one PC game was released annually at retail stores. I remember when $20 to fill an 18 gallon gas tank was expensive. I remember when “apps” were keyed in by hand from a magazine and magnetic storage media was not financially feasible. I remember when song skipping was an [Continue Reading]